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What Cocktail Should I Have? A Seasonal Guide to the Best Sips

The time of year, your state of mind, or the occasion you're going can all have an impact on the cocktail you choose to sip. There is a cocktail out there for every palate and every season, whether you enjoy the traditional drinks or are itching to try something new and exotic.

Summertime: Fruity and Cool

Nothing goes better with a bright day than a colourful summer cocktail. With its mixture of fruit-infused wine, sangria is a popular drink. A Kiwi Lime Mojito, a revitalizing combination of kiwi, lime, apple, and mint, is a cool option. A mango rum drink is difficult to beat if you're in the mood for something tropical. Additionally, traditional drinks like the Pina Colada and Jalapeno Margarita never fail to satisfy. One brings a flavour of the tropics, while the other gives a well-known classic a spicy touch.

Fall: Warm and Spiced

A Cranberry Whisky Sour is a perfect beverage to enjoy when the weather cools and the leaves start to turn. This drink is the ideal choice for those chilly autumn nights since it combines smooth whisky with acidic cranberries.

Winter: Rich and Robust

A hearty Mulled Wine or Buttered Rum can warm you from the inside out when winter arrives. On a winter evening, these hearty drinks are ideal for sharing with loved ones.

Year-Round Favorites: Anytime Delights

Some cocktails are timeless, regardless of the time of year. All seasons are suitable for a Bourbon Peach Smash or a New Fashioned. These modern iterations of vintage drinks are ideal for social drinking or toasting occasions.

So, the next time you find yourself wondering, "What cocktail should I have?" let the season influence your choice and savour the unique flavours each one has to offer.